Tips for a 'Bearable' Plunge

Whether you are Plunging for the first time or you're a veteran Bear, the following tips will help keep your toes warm (well sort of) and your plunge safe (for sure).

  • Spread out on the beach.
  • Bring a robe – great for wearing while waiting to go in and great to slip on as you dry off.
  • Keep your feet covered until the last possible moment and consider wearing water shoes or something on your feet into the water.
  • Bring extra towels or a blanket to stand on – remember, the sand is like ice!
  • Wear layers and loose-fitting clothes, which are easier to get into when your fingers are cold.
  • Plunge with a friend - use the buddy system.
  • DO NOT dive into or enter the water head first.
  • DO NOT swim past the safety divers in the water.
  • DO NOT go near the jetties.
  • Tents and drones are NOT allowed on the beach per City of Rehoboth Beach.
  • Pets are strongly discouraged on the beach for their own safety and the safety of the Bears plunging.