Fundraising Strategies


The fastest and easiest way to raise money is using your "Classy" fundraising page.

Once you register online as a Polar Bear, a personalized fundraising page is created for you that you can then personalize and send the link out via email and on social media to your potential supporters. 

By collecting pledges online, Bears don't have to worry about handling cash or checks, adding totals or turning money in. The website does it all for you. And don't worry, you can even manually add money to your totals if someone does give you cash or a check.

In addition, this site enables members of a team to raise money individually and then automatically have their total count toward a team total.

Social Media (#PlungeDE, #GoForTheCold)

This day and age one of the fastest and most effective ways to raise money is through social media. We have put together a Social Media Tips with all the slogans and hashtags and photos you need to cut and paste into whatever social media sites you use.


Helpful fundraising tools

Pledge donations as cash or checks may be collected offline. You can either turn in your donations to SODE as you raise it -or- turn it all in when you check in on the day of the Plunge. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO "SPECIAL OLYMPICS DELAWARE."